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Our dedicated server hosting solutions work for you behind the scenes to optimize your position in search engine results.We have seen clients boost their SEO ratings by 50% - 90% when they switched to hosting with us.

Optimized website hosting is a web hosting environment set up specifically for high performance delivery of a website to the browser. Of course the question is often asked "shouldn't all hosting do this"? In our opinion, yes - but most hosting falls VERY short of this.

The truth is, just like hosting, not all websites are created equal. Different kinds of websites require different types of optimization. And if you are a large corporation with 1000's of servers, each running 100s of websites, well it would just be too hard and to expensive to optimize for everybody.


Post Engagement Rate Increase


Page Engagement Rate Increase


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Don't forget, better website performance equates to better ranking with Google and of course better sales .

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